Sunday, September 14, 2008

what a great night.........

i feel exhausted this morning, but not nearly as exhausted as our camera crew that hit the art festivities in escondido yesterday and last night.  
our new N Art in San Diego TV show will air on ABC saturday  september 27 at 11 a.m.  as the proud founder of this new art media group,  my concept is simple:
we are artists covering the arts for the benefit of the local regional  culture.  my theory is this:  if a community has a healthy and thriving arts culture, the whole of the community does better - including economically.  or maybe i should say especially economically.    for instance, if san diego area is considered an interesting art mecca, it helps grandly with tourism, its good for education and growth.

more than a few financially frugal friends of mine have questioned, why would i start a new business at this time of national economic struggle.  my reply is this:  during depression, what rises?  the arts and expression.  out of frustration, often follows expression, just look at all the the interest this year political campaigning has created.  has the nation been frustrated?  of course.

 ...also,  another part of my theory is this:   creating buzz and stimulus is not that expensive and is very exciting and enriching.  The N Art Media Group is interested is keeping costs as low as possible for artists because the more art the better. 

Last night, i loved hearing the interviews that took place  and learned a lot about our artists and some of the intriguing styles that are growing stronger in the area.  i am very proud of what i saw and heard. 

as for me, one of the more established artists in the community and a personal friend looked at me and said, "so, lisa, looks like you are a mover and a shaker".
well, i guess so, surprisingly.  i am just answering a community need.  
funny though,
i could actually hear it, like a tidal wave following me around last night, did you see or hear what lisa is doing?    
 i hope you can tune in and learn something yourselves.

if you are interested in contributing to our unique cause, feel free to email me at

we will be looking for submissions in our new publication, please keep that in mind.  for the time being,  you may submit your ideas and art to me. 


som said...

To you my dear friend I offer my deepest heart felt Congratulations on a successful show!! Well Done!!

Plain Jane said...

A TV show??? A magazine??? Tell me more!! said...

Found you in Somerset-wonderful way with art you have!
My husband, the man, the Fireman developed a bad Fireman lung disease and received a right lung transplant 3 years ago in Nov. Since then, 4 rejections-Sometimes I turn my hotel rooms into studios, we are 4 hours from the hospital. I am a licensed artist/quit the road years ago musician-
I'm glad you are well and going to church-see my second blog.Keep singing. "Just a few more weary days and then..."
Blessings and Hugs,

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