Monday, September 29, 2008

holy smoly moly........

i have been a busy girl....trying to run a TV show on a shoestring budget. the N Art magazine's website should be up by tomorrow and on it will be the TV show in case you missed it or you are from out of town.

let me just say, i think we fully understand our errors and will not commit them again.

this is a very hard and humbling experience for me because i know all the artists and their art and it truly bugs me when some of their best stuff deosn't get put properly across. on the other hand, they did get their website addresses put across the screen with no mistakes and they al did get their 15 seconds of fame.
i'm talking about the "gallery walk" portion of the show. we will improve right away as we will have a real gallery to shoot in now. someone stepped forward to help. that someone was red door gallery.
it will all be good. i am a tough critic on my work here - and its uncomfortable being responsible for the show because on so many levels my hands were tied by others work.

so, we learned and move on to bigger and better places.

SSSSooOOOOo, we will be shooting for a special edition of the Gallery Walk, at the Red Door Gallery, Thursday and Friday, if anyone would like to give it a go.
i leave for italy on thursday for 3 weeks. i will be writing from there.


Anonymous said...

Is the N Magazine going to be a paper magazine or a television show?

lisa bebi said...

the N Art Magazine will be a paper magazine , the launching is slated for december 2008, N Art Magazine is also a TV show and it is also a website, that is nearly ready to go up.

if anyone is interested in sponsoring the TV show, we will have a wonderful cheap package for doing both paper ad and TV sponsorship. and almost everything will go on our website.

Joy Logan said...

Have fun and lottsa Mojito's,or I will have them for you!

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