Thursday, September 11, 2008

head throb.....

everyone in the family has a head cold and is grouchy.  i went to the doctor yesterday to see if i had a sinus infection, turns out no, but he said he could see the my eardrums were bulging from so much fluid inside my head.  i guess the fluid builds up cause the tissues swell and the tissues swell due to the fluid build up, so its a huge catch-22.
the answer was to give me a mild steroid nose spray to help shrink the tissue (starting to sound like hemorrhoids to me) and i feel better.
OK, i promise no more swimming in the cove - every time i go i  get some weird infection.  although not technically an infection, just hemorrhoid ears and sinuses.


Clifford Duffy said...

is autumn grouchy? Ah, but your work is not, as always it is wonderful

lisa bebi said...

welcome clifford! i have enjoyed your poetry.

Joy Logan said...

Looks like sinuses to me! Lisa I can't wait to see your projects when they are done. My life has been the shits lately,I won't go into detail but take my word. Then 2 of my baby lovebirds died,on top of it all. They weren't thriving and seemed retarded from the start. SIGH One day I should write a book huh? I am sure your pieces will be fab and though I won't be able to purchase them I will be dying to not. May they get fame and fortune with my blessings.

lisa bebi said...

joy, i'm sorry about yur troubles, especially your little love birds.

all i can say is, i love the looks of your mom and dad. especially your mom....she has a special intelligent aura she projects even from a long ago picture. did she have red hair - auburn? no matter, i will be painting her hair that color.

and thank you for your sanction, it means a lot.

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