Sunday, September 21, 2008

i'll fly away....oh lordy.......

how do you like this "N" for the logo for the new art magazine called "N". like "in"----
BTW, we are collecting story ideas now for more episodes - if anyone has something to share, please email me your ideas.

well...."......i'll fly a - way, oh lordy, i'll fly a - way...."
i can't get that hymn out of my head....why? because i went to church this morning!!!! i know this is a shock to most who know me. its not that i am against church - not at all. it is more that i haven't found any to suit me.
but today i was invited to the church of brother albert dillard, the preacher of the church of christ.
brother dillard (the producer of N Art Magazine on ABCTV) has asked me many times to join his family at church...this time i took him up on the offer. so there i was at 7:30 a.m. shining bright and beaming white - yap, i was the ONLY white person there! 

i was feeling self conscience, like i just couldn't get much whiter, until they started singing. 

i have to admit, i miss singing hymns....i remember some for my childhood like, "jesus loves me this i know".

but i don't know if it is because i was just born this way, but my hymn singing sounded like a flat horn. a loud flat horn which caused some pause in the congregation...... then they got louder and drown me out.

they happily tapped and swayed to the beat and sang out; i tried swaying too, but it ended up some weird gyration like there was a tsetse fly loose in my shorts, that caused the congregation even more pause... they probably worried that i had contracted the west niles virus and was having seizures.

you won't see me on the N art magazine show, but you might catch a glimpse of me this coming sunday morning at about 2 a.m. channel 10 when this sermon and singing airs.
anyway, i will get the correct date and time and name of the show so that you can all have a laugh at my expense. actually i quite enjoyed the sermon and of course loved the singing.
praise jesus!

(er, hope i don't offend....anyone).
p.s. i forgot to mention that wearing flip-flops and walmart clothes was a bad idea in the brother's  church .  everyone there was wearing their sunday best -vested suits in the heat too.
the place smelled strongly of pomade.
what?  would i go back?   a wretch like me? oh holy mackerel, yes.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I was trying to read your blog to my husband and it took about 5 minutes. I was laughing so hard and had tears running down my face. You are hilarious! "She's got freckles on her - But she is nice"

lisa bebi said...

MY FAVORITE song of all time. ... "the freckle song"

anonymous, i think i know who you are.....
that does bring me back to my childhood - i love you!

Anonymous said...

I was there that Sunday. You didn't sound that bad!

Joy Logan said...

Omg I had a dog who sat up and tuned in if I had gosple channels on. Ya know thats a kewl thing to get into I think,if ya gotta go to church ya may as well howl at the moon huh?

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