Monday, September 15, 2008

ABCTV show

tomorrow is another shooting day for the N Magazine TV show called "The Art Show". We will be back about mid day in escondido. if you want to see us in action come on down. we will be shooting in the street on east grand, in a couple of restaurants and in a few galleries. my beautiful daughter Brooke will be host.
the pilot will be airing on ABCTV (channel 10- if you have Cox cable) Sunday, September 28 at 4 p.m., it is a half hour show. Please watch or record it if the Charger game gets in the way.
Again, if you feel you would like to contribute a story or would like to advertise, please email me ASAP.
if you are a local emerging or established artist who would like to buy a slot in our "local artist gallery walk", the price for this first run is $150. this is a special rate for professional artists only, not businesses.
the shooting for these slots are wednesday night and saturday afternoon. if you want to go ahead and be on TV with your work (up to 4 pieces), email by tomorrow night.
let's break a leg, san diego artists!

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