Wednesday, August 27, 2008

one more preview......

of my bisquick batik
technique which will be in the november 2008 issue
of somerset studio magazine......
this piece is called "school girls".

i want to dedicate "school girls" to my oldest daughter, brooke, who is going in for minor surgery tomorrow. i have never had a child of mine go in for any surgery ever (knock on wood), so i am a little nervous, although trying to keep my calm for her brave sake.
good luck my brookie, i will be there for you.........

back to unusual techniques:
for the november issues, i try to think up a technique that has something to do with cooking and christmas/winter/ holiday making.
a few years ago you may remember i wrote up a techniuqe called "milk resist"...
i developed that technique because i was thinking about milk and cookies, so i experiemnted with milk and cookie cutters (and stamps and writing pens dipped in milk). i determined over a course of experiements that low fat milk works best...i wrote in milk with a nibbed pen (or stamped) on white cardstock- i let it dry,  then sprayed ink lightly over the top and  heated it with a heating tool.  the milk carmelized and then was easily removed by brushing it off or by using  a damp cloth.   what was left behind was a nonsticky,  non-smelly wonderful creamy white color, instead of a stark white resist to the dye that you would get with a purchased resist product.
the colors were heavenly: soft pastels - pink, soft green, lavendar and creamy white - fantastic for the holidays.
i hope you enjoy!

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