Monday, August 4, 2008

newest passion

structrual acrylic: i know this looks like i squirted mustard on my canvas (8" x 10") - but it is acrylic paint.
i have put this up here today to let you see how i develop a piece.
the first thing i did was use the canvas as a place to test my shimmering daubers on, see the cooper and turquoise blue (if you don't know what shimmering daubers are i will explain in my next post)?
then i took an empty squirt bottle and filled it with this cadmium medium yellow acrylic with a bit of a light/heavy gel medium mixed in and tested it for fluidity on the said canvas.......
i will now take this back into my studio and develop it more...just thought you might wanna see as i progress. its kinda like having you visit me in my studio.
one day i hope to be sophisticated enough to do some examples with the film running; like on youtube.

as for my e commerce website. looks like 2 more weeks as there was a lot more to put up than we anticipated. i will send out noticed when it goes "live" so that you will all know at once.
if you are interested in being on the first to see list, email me
just in for the site for sell: the site will be the only place in the whole (that i know of) that sells ATCs boards out of red oak....delicious to work on as it casts a warm color that is perferct for placing humans on. in other words, warmth and skin tone work well together on it.
other news:
i went to the gym to swim last night and weighed myself my total shock i have lost 20lbs. WOW!!! HOLY SMOKES, that seemed easy all i have been doing is swimming.
i really lost my family's interest in me yesterday as i kept repeating: "i can't believe it, i lost 20 lbs." after the first ten times of them saying, yeah, you look great, keep it up, now don't stop..." it went to grunts of approval, then nothing....except my daughter, said "yeah you told us about 20 times already, we know."
so now i am bugging you with it. i mean i have been eating the same.

two days left before school starts, i'm going to take rosie to the cove again today. i hope the sharks are out today.

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Marilyn Rock said...

Lisa; thanks for sharing your start with us. I appreciate that. I can't wait to see the next phase. This is great especially since I am inspired, so much, by your art.....AND your words. Kudos on the 20lb loss. Swimming is great; works the whole body that's why, I think, you're seeing the loss like that.

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