Thursday, August 7, 2008

home again, home again.... jimity jig.....

that's from the nursery rhythm that goes...."....he went to the market to buy a fat pig; then,  home again, home again, jimity jig" 

or something like that.    the point being that i am doing a jimity jig after my knee surgery this morning!  ah, at last, no more knee pain, at least until the meds wear off. 

 i'm feeling liberated.  no crutches, just a bigass bandaged wrapped knee.  i can still do the jig, though.

about the piece here:
i did a stupid thing yesterday.  i wanted to get one last cove swim; my last hurrah before going under the knife...

so...i went with my friends mary and mike, (rosie's coach) to swim a mile for exercise.... 
buuut, there was a minuscule warning sign up saying the water was a bit hazardous to swim in...people were ignoring it.  so did we.
 this is why i place the art with two green figures up today....after we swam, we found out the cove was 4 times over the threshold warning for icky, sticky toxic stuff in the water.   we found out later that there was a drainage problem with (barf) sewer.  we hadn't guessed that would be the case, since it hasn't been raining or anything.  and the cove has never has a hazard sign - a lifeguard there told us. (he didn't know how toxic it was, he was only told to put up a sign.)    (i personally suspect it was a restaurant above the cove dumping, illegally).  

god, i'm beginning to believe there is no safe place to swim nowadays.  remember a few posts back, i wrote about "the ringworm guy" at the club pool.   uggggggh.
and lots of times i have seem poop logs on the bottom of municipal pools after "kiddie swim".
and do you think birds avoid pooping in outdoor pools?
i think not.

ah, we are ok, so far,  just  stomachaches and head aches all 'round.  
i can hear my dear friend Kathy Olsen saying now, "i told you to never swim in polluted water - it can give you brain damage."
i know Kathy, i know, you're right it was very stupid, but as far as brain damage is concerned..... how could we tell if i contracted it?

just asking.


Marilyn Rock said...

Happy about your knee surgery being successful but sad about your dirty dip :(

lisa bebi said...

"dirty dip" - makes me think of a dirty martini- dirty sip.
thats one way to kill germs.

SOM said...

I'll drink to that! hic! glad to hear about your successful surgery! hic! hav anuser roun on meesh hic!

lisa bebi said...

hey som, good to hear from you....i'll accept that extra round on you!
shal i meet you on the corner, sitting in the shade, with a "will work for a drink" sign?
i'll pimp out my sign and join you.

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