Friday, July 25, 2008

"whistling in the dark".....

i'm just finishing this book.  i love's easy to read, told in the voice of a 10 year girl;  sister to a wilder girl whom she feel she must protect -the 10 year old's voice is full of naive imaginings, but as the reader you wisely know what the clearer meaning is.

i read "water for elephants" not long ago, another fantasic and not too difficult to read book, richly filled with imagery of a train traveling circus in the US about 1930's.  
its author, sara gurin, wrote that she loved "whistling...", that for me was the best recommendation.

i'm a happy reader tonight, as i  have only 90 pages left.   then, there is a discussion at the back of the book, my fave.

as for today at the jr. olympics, i know you all are wondering how my daughter, rosie is doing..... she is preforming well, not stellar, as she had the broken elbow recently, but considering, she is really showing heart. she swam the mile, 200 individual medley and 200 meters breaststroke.   plus, this afternoon she was in the 800 freestyle relay.  that was very exciting.   our relay was predicted to get next to last out of 14.  they got 8th - rosie who swam 3rd, took the team from 3rd place in their heat, to first and her friend ashley, anchorwoman, kept it there!!!!  way to go girls!!!!
 we moms nearly passed out from all the excitement.  i was told to quieten down at least once today by passerbyers. 
 so its been a great day overall.


Marilyn Rock said...

Way to go girls is right! Kudos to Rosie and teammates! Thanks for letting us know!

SOM said...

Great job!!! Glad to hear that Rosie has completely recovered, well almost, from her injury!!

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