Saturday, July 5, 2008

the thirteen year old [=

Okay, hopefully some of you have actually heard of me. I am Lisa's YOUNGEST child. My name is Rosamaria Argentina Bebi and I live in a pink house...with my parents of course. I have a dog named dempsey (didnt pick the name) and we have a cat named kitty (formerly named Princess fifi but i REFUSE to call her that soo her name is kitty!). Wow that cat has had many names. many many many many names. but yeaah. anyway on with my life and jizz....

My mother and I have a veryyy....lets say unique relationship. To me she is my best friend and not my mother, so I treat her that way. I think the same thing goes for her. My dad and I arent veryy close, well not as close as my mother and me. He likes things very different from me. He likes routine, I like my life to be filled with surprises ; he listens to blues, reggae, and classic rock, i listen to alterative, indie and electronica ; he likes to watch westerns on tv(ew), I like to watch reality tv shows and all that ; he likes to be in his underwear all day, i just like to be fully clothed all the time ; he eats potato chips loud and obnoxiously, where as i dont eat them at all. As you can see we are pretty different and stuff. Anyway, my mother and I have a lot more in common, thats was supposed to be my point.

Anyway about myself (I guess this post is a tid bit out of order),

I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. I am 5'6" and i weigh---lets skip that part. I am a swimmer and i swim 2 hours a day everyday ( except on the weekends ). I recently fractured my elbow and I have to wear a big bulky unattractive neon yellow cast (that went up to my face) fer 3 lonnngggg weeks. We took it off 4 days early but its all good. Today I have a swim meet and so yeahh. Uhh anyway, I am allergic to chlorine, and I have bad circulation in my legs. I am obsessed with music even though I am VERY picky with what I listen to. But its all good. I am attending high school on august 6th, and all thattt. I have anger issues at times. I am very emotional. But once again its all good.

One Word that describes me: awesomelycooldawgg.

yeaah, I really dont have much to say except my mom doesnt know I am posting something on her blog so hahaha great surprise! [=

uhh stay classyy I guess.

Rooossaaaa (ermm the 13 year old)


Anonymous said...

green is good.

Anonymous said...

your mom's favorite color btw.

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