Sunday, July 6, 2008

rosie's new camera......

for junior high promotion rosie wanted a camera. she seems to like taking pix of .....herself. i notice she isn't the only 13 year old who does this.....its kinda funny.

she got her full arm cast off last weekend and this weekend she swam a meet. her times were off and at first she was hard on herself. her big sister brooke and (brooke's) boyfriend carlos came to watch her compete. i tried to calm rosie down - to not be so hard on herself for being a bit out of shape.

i told brooke that i thought rosie wasn't really listening to me lecture her about being more understanding about her conditioning.
brooke had to remind me that i would be hard on myself, too, if it were me competing and my times were off. "we would all be like that, momma, we are all over competitive".
yeah, ok probably true.

sadly, at the end of today, rosie had a fever of 102.

where did that come from?

she seems to have flu symptoms, sore muscles, chills, dizzy, tired. the kind of sickness little kids tend to get, the kind with runny noses and cough without covering their mouths... but she hasn't been around any little kids; colds and coughs or not.....i wonder where the germs have come from.....hmmmm . do you think that someone; a contender, has tried germ warfare on her? a competitor? that might sound outrageous, but this has happened to her so many, many times. rosie is a robust and healthy child; yet gets sick with a fever due to a contagious illness the very day of a meet, almost every time? even when she has not ventured out much into the germy populous; like shopping carts handles at vons..... as someone i know suggested?? (actually we try to use the little towelettes that are free at vons to wipe away those awful germs - gross).

has anyone ever had this happen to them? yeah, i doubt it too.


who do i know, that she knows, who has kids with germs like that? i'm wondering........


looks like i will be nursing her for the next couple of days.

summer flu sucks.
someone just emailed me and suggested that it could be west niles virus.....symptoms are basically the same...damn mosquitoes


Joy Logan said...

Then don't read "PLUM ISLAND" by DeMille if you have a fear of germ warfare!

lisa bebi said...

thanks for the suggestion - of course now i will have to go out and buy that book...............

Brooke said...

HAHA! I had West Nile! It's really no big deal unless you are very old or young or otherwise infirm. Don't worry. And once you get it you can't get it again. It's totally media hype.. trust me.

Now bird flu... that's another matter.

Love you!

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