Saturday, June 21, 2008

rosie's art...

i'm not sure what this is...i love it - love the halo around the thumb......
probably an album cover or something that only my daughter would know, but i liked it. i finally asked rosie what it was and she didn't know either. hmmmm, now thats interesting.

i had a great time at the "gallery without walls" workshop to learn to be "the CEO of my own life" as it relates to selling my own art... important. i learned that i don't "handle" my own art with enough care. hell, i know i'm a "bull in the china shop", but i really must improve. its is very important and probably one of the hardest things for me to learn.
i told the speaker that even if i were entrusted with a $50k piece i would still hold it without the due respect it takes. i need a handler, i think. anyone out there want to be my handler - er, of my art, i mean? you know just hold it for people to see. apparently i don't show enough respect and move it around too much as i speak.
so at least i know my shortcomings - many as they are.

my favorite part of the day was when my friend nathalie davis stood up and told everyone the price of her portraiture painting (starting at $100 on ebay) and everyone emphatically agreed that her work was valued at $900 framed. she was dumbfounded. funny how some people just don't get how good they are. nathalie was fun to watch. her work is so good, lovely and very competent. i bought 2 of her paintings right then. she wasn't even selling them.
oh, that felt good. after she left, everyone told me what a great deal i got.
sorry nathalie. i didn't mean to take advantage.
i am in love with my two little paintings of hers though.
at first we agreed to trade - (she has bought mine before) but then i didn't want to fool around. i wanted her pieces and had to have them NOW!!! i have already looked at them several times, enjoying them. wishing i could paint like her.
if i can get m photoshop to work i will share them with you too.

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