Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my uncle earl

this is my mom's brother; my uncle earl. this piece was in the last somerset studio "heros" edition. my uncle was such a nice handsome man, who died early with heart failure, he was 56 in the 1970's.

i'm so happy that i got my photoshop to cooperate - albeit, a cheaper version. i'm just sick about my expensive photoshopCS not working though.
maybe i only need an update of some kind. i get so frustrated when my computer doesn't act predictably....sometimes i think the man behind the curtain in oz is running the show. maybe if i peek behind the monitor i will see that hamsters in wheels are running it. then it would make sense. oh they only need more water, a lettuce leaf and a bit of cooler air. hmmmmm.
i saw my sister in law marian (and boyfriend, john) today and my nephews (the twins) max and zach for only about an hour before they had to fly out to london. my oh my my nephews are looking very handsome, almost 16 now. i can hardly believe it. they will be driving in november! lord have mercy.
they love art and want to go to college to get a degree in it. i have mixed feelings about that. of course i am flattered because they say they take after me. (this has to be at least somewhat true since no one else in the family is interested in art. my brother draws stick figures. marian is creative, but doesn't actually do much because she is busy. she works fulltime and is expecting a baby in october.) (exciting news)
so the boys draw everyday. they are avid artists. they always bring their sketch books to show me when they come down from LA. i feel somewhat responsible for this and feel a bit - i don't know- sad- afraid for them? like i should try to steer them away from it as it is a hard row to hoe.
AND, i am confounded by my own response as no one steered me away from my passion - well, not really. and deep down i don't believe anyone should be stifled, but i worry, what if they never get work...what if they should have studied something more technical or job oriented but don't because they want to be like me?????.... what if they turn into .....BUMS?

see? i worry about this.

when i see what they have created, i am excited for them and love their work and love having art talk exchange, but i also get a sick feeling.... almost like i feel i have turned them on to drugs. will my brother forgive me?
oh well, i can't worry anymore about it tonight.....they are happily flying through the air right now (on an airplane, not drugs)- on to london to visit relatives.

when they come back, i will take them to comicon.

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