Thursday, June 12, 2008

my new style.....

this is entitled "lemon grove" and is showing at the san diego art institute right now in the regional show.
remember last week i was fussing about my new style, a faster brush mode and without using found imagery. just an instantaneous combustion of a painting. well, this is my first piece created with the new rapid style.. i'm not totally please with it, but pleased enough to show you.
i have painted the lemon grove painting from the photo so many times now, that i can do it with my eyes shut....and same for others, i.e., "Bernice", "back step counsel"....etc. so, now i work even looser. uhm, meaning looser with a brush, not without morals. which i love to do - meaning the brush. again.
i hope you like this new style. as i say, i haven't abandoned my old style, just a change of pace.
i have first drawn this piece with "puff paint" and then painted it... so much fun. i use Golden brand fluid acrylics which make the colors jewel like.

this is an abstraction from an old image of my mom and my brother, Danny, in about 1952, standing in front of the lemon grove giant lemon - the same lemon my dad always told us he had grown in our background. i think the giant lemon grove lemon might be one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. or perhaps, the fact that we were dumb enough to believe my dad's story made us one of the 7 wonders -- er, just a wonder. yeah, that's it. you had to wonder.

my dad used to call me "wonderwoman" when i was in my 30's. i was so busy with 2 kids, a single parent and holding down a job and a home.........but he would always trail off into an insult, his brand of saying - "yep, you're a gotta wonder..... i'm wonderin'"

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Joy Logan said...

OMG Lisa I think I like this even more somehow! I guess because I never got why people would want a stranger hanging in their place,portraits? Ya know. This is so universal! LOVE THIS!

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