Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my adobe photoshop is not working...

i sure hope i don't have to buy a new one. they are so expensive - it was over $600. i need it to re-size the images of the paintings and photos that i scan into the computer.
oh well. i think that this heat has something to do with the computer not working right. maybe in the morning it will work.
the morning is the time to do everything in this heat; cook dinner, workout, mess around in the garden, clean the house. before i know it the morning gives way to the mid day heat and nothing can happen except lounging around moaning that it is too hot to live. that part of the day gets pretty dramatic. sure, i turn on the fans, but thats no match for this heat. i won't turn on the AC, not while i am still alone during the day, who could afford that all summer?
rosie has until friday before her school is out for summer. friday is her promotion. first the school will insist that we all sit in the heat and have heat stroke before the ceremony commences. rosie will have it the worse as she is in band and they have to sit in the heat longer than anyone else. i remember when jamie did this, he was very red-faced and hot when he got his diploma. i heard that last year some old aunt was hauled out on a stretcher from heat stroke.
Please God, don't let that be me.....
rosie already got an award and was recognized for high honors for the year - we are very proud of her.
speaking of honors; my first born, brooke, will be honored this saturday in LA for her journalism work for national news radio.
again, another reason to drink this weekend. i mean celebrate. *hic*
my son, jamie, is also doing well, he is completing a very intense scrutiny to become a guard for national security.....as he enters into grad school later this year, studying english literature and psychology.
as for me, i'm a proud momma. that's my favorite thing in life to be!!!!! very proud of my children.
brooke also was wonderful this last weekend as she finished her marathon run in lake tahoe - she finished. YAY! she wasn't happy with her time, but she will workout harder for it next year. i would show a picture, but again, my damn adobe photoshop......is not doing its job...,.grrrrr.
bedtime, so i can get up early and cook!


Joy Logan said...

Another great piece Lisa. YAY Rosie and stay cool Lisa,I am sure not into heat myself.

Isabella said...

I love all of your art, Lisa. You are an inspiration!


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