Friday, June 20, 2008

i'm doing this.........this saturday!!!

if you click on the image, you will be able to read it.
just wanted to let you know that if you are interested in selling your art, this workshop is a must. the speaker sells for artists - she's a dealer- who makes big bucks - selling outside the gallery scene. she is going to lecture on how she does it - passing the "how to" on to us.
drop whatever you were planning on doing saturday and attend. that's my 2 cents worth anyway.
a good organization to join, by the way, is the rather new sd fine art society. they are a non-profit that's proactive. they have a mentor program that helps finance artists, a health program that they are working on to get health insurance out to artists, and a collector's club, that helps the small guy learn about collecting........sdfas is helping in every way to stimulate the SD artist's economy. during this depression we seem to be falling into, sdfas is a welcoming society to join.

we need each other. that's the way i see it.


nathalie said...

Hey Lisa - long time no see! But I'll be seeing you tomorrow at the workshop - maybe do a little catchin' up. thanks for the heads up on this workshop, too.

lisa bebi said...

YAY!!!! party time!

mermaid musings said...

hello Lisa:
I found you in the stampington magazine and I live in San Diego, too. How nice to learn of you!
I am going to try to keep in touch and if you offer classes (specially painting), i will be happy to learn anything from you.

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