Sunday, June 1, 2008 by day

lately, everyday i have been exercising, trying to get fit, turn my body around. for a couple of years, i let it slide and now i am fat, especially around my jiggly middle.
i let it go because i was too ambitious about getting my art "out there" . so much so, i thought of hardly anything else. but now i have slowed down, got a grip on reality and balance and have started to swim everyday.
i love swimming as i was a competitive swimmer as a youth. it is the only exercise i can do right now anyway since i have just had hand surgery and i still have a torn meniscus. i'm pretty handicapped right now, actually.

tomorrow i should hear from kaiser with a surgery date for july for my knee. its only been about 9 months or maybe longer.

i don't look forward to surgery, but i have no choice, a torn meniscus doesn't mend itself. i have been taking vicodin all this time, everyday. that's not good either. oh and by the way, i'm still getting hot flashes from menopause.
oh well, so much for my physical self. i have been at odds with my body for years. and to think i was so body proud for so many years! times do change.

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renee said...

Sorry to hear about all your health issues. I just had total knee replacement and I know that taking vicodin on a daily basis kinds of fogs the brain. You are obviously continuing to work very productively through all of this.
I wish you rapid healing and all the art you can handle.

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