Saturday, May 17, 2008

New technique-Bisquick batik

about a week ago, i declared that i was going to try a new technique, pancake batter batik. well, i fooled around and came up with a batik technique that involves Bisquick. i also have done some experimenting with flour as the base for batiking, but that is not new, as it is done by some tribes in africa.
to my knowledge however, i don't believe the africans are on to my Bisquick technique!

this technique and my samples will probably appear in the Somerset Studios issue nov./december 2008, just in time for the holidays. you might remember that i did a technique based article a couple of winters ago on milk as a resist.
so again, i found myself back in the kitchen cooking up art.
here a 3 first attempts.
also seen here is the use of my new transfer sheet (ETS, transfers with just water) used on cloth. i also mentioned this last week.
finally i put these cloth fragments together (sort of lesley riley style)with elements i enjoy using - one of my all time favorites (which shows up in my fine art all the time) is the various office stamps i buy from staples, etc.

these cloth fragments, heat set and ready to use in any quilting project or they can be sewn onto your favorite apparel.
i hope you like them.
again, its annoying, i still don't know how to crop my art. sorry.

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Batikgifts said...

Really nice technique, thanks for sharing!

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