Thursday, May 29, 2008

EXCITING new publication....

this is my dad, max. the piece is called "house of Maxwell" kinda like Maxwell house...
anyway, my dad was a writer and a publisher of a weekly local newspaper for over 40 years. he died in 1998.
well, ten years later, i am stepping into his shoes. i am founder/owner of a new art magazine for San Diego. It is called "N magazine". it is a very classy, elite regional art magazine showcasing local artists, collectors and galleries and others who are contributors to the emergence and established art scene here.

(this in no way competes with the publication that i am already in called Somerset Studio, i hope to remain a contributory in SS forever).

This is a magazine about high end, fine art distributing 50,00 issues each month by subscription only. i am very proud of it. it is be about 150 pages with new york and Los Angeles art critics and writers. also it will feature its own juried shows; juried from selected quality jurors. the launch date is set for October 17 (yeah, i know, i will be in Italy then). i hope to be here for the unveiling occurring weeks before.

if you are interested in advertising or contributing in the kick-off issue of N Magazine, simply email me at

this is for you, daddy! i love you!


Ted said...

What a great idea!! let us know how to subscribe!!!

Lorelai Roark Design Studio said...

Very awesome!!!

Ramona said...

"this is for you, daddy! i love you!" eight sweeter words have never been spoken to any Dad now or ever.

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