Sunday, May 11, 2008

dear momma.......

....... to me you were always this lovely age no matter how old you became;   an age of purity, inner goodness, flawless skin and flawless soul, loving much more than feeling ill towards anyone.

your sense of adventure was to take it a little at a time, small bites, subtle doses....... but part of that adventure was to marry and have children.

then WE, danny and I, proved to be more adventure than you bargained for.....ever dreamed of....

ever imagined...ever thought you could tolerate, beyond your wildest dreams, sometimes nightmares...and it was too late, you didn't have your life anymore, that life had you.

but you did that well, with honesty, heart and soul, for the goodness of us all. you were never, ever regretful of the time we robbed of you forever...all those years and all the soul we drained from you and replaced it with our craziness that could not be made to be orderly, at least not for long.

and so you were wise,
you just enjoyed the ride.
a mother's joy ride. eternally.

i love you momma.

and momma,
i miss you everyday.

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fredg said...

Dear Lisa,

Very moving...but, alas, this is part of the legacy that children impart and we are all changed, hopefully for the better, because of it. I always wondered what the actual photo looked like and now I know and I can much more fully understand the representation in the painting. It's sure a lot more meaningful and inspirational than rusted hand tools glued to a canvas (aka dine). I always liked the painting but now I like it even more. Love, cous f

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