Sunday, April 27, 2008

newest somerset studio magazine

did you notice the name at the bottom of the cover? yes, it's me again, they have published my portfolio. now i believe i have been published 20 times, 3 times i have had cover art. i am so thankful for this group of publications.


glitterangel said...

Congratulations Lisa, that's pretty impressive!

Anonymous said...

Yes congratulations, and I am waiting for the new publication which is....late May, June...?

I live an hour from Micheal's and don't get there often enough, I don't want to miss it.

At this point I hardly understand too hot, we could have snow again by tomorrow night, this is unusual,
and also a pain this spring. I won't have tulips on my table for my birthday this year.

I like the fish, I do watercolor, that is the primary painting I do.
I have been gathering bits from paintings that only have good spots for an altered book.

Been reading too much lately.


lisa bebi said...

ah, you can never read too much, can you?
the book and the newest somerset that has me as the featured artist is at barnes and noble and jo-anns and michaels now! if you really want to make sure you get a publication, i suggest you go ahead and order it online from stampington directly. it costs the same.

fredg said...

Dear Lisa,

I haven't had time to check the blog for a while. Been pretty busy with work and was delighted with all of your achievements. Congratulations!! At some point soon I simply must send you the "big cheese" project to see if you'll agree that Somerset Studio will most certainly devot at least an entire issue to it.

Your "cous", f

lisa bebi said...

fred, you are keeping me in suspense over cheese art.

come on already, show me your cheese!

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