Wednesday, April 16, 2008

instructors wanted:

renee richetts and i are in the process of considering workshop instructors to offer at our Italian retreat in October 2008.
if this is something that appeals to you, please write to me privately at


Anonymous said...

A lesson to be learned here with this lovely in blue, I see one can have a focal point and it does not have to dominate the work in the respect of being large.

Blue with such clarity really lifts the spirit I think.


Joy Logan said...

Love this one Lisa! Hey love the new Stampington with more Lisa goodies in it. You are one busy lady! Keep up the vey fab work.

lisa bebi said...

aw, shucks, thanks - are you takling about "somerset workshop"? or the regular "somerset studio"? that has 30 pages of my work - its at barnes and noble and michaels for $15.00.

i can't wait for the next "somerset studio" as it will have some of my better work. i am going to be featured artist.

glitterangel said...

Fabulous work, as always!

Joy Logan said...

You're in all the magazines woman! As if you didn't know that,lol. I am still in awe!

lisa bebi said...

yeah and more to come too!

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