Tuesday, April 22, 2008

in this corner.......

this is one of the first paintings i did when i decided to start painting fulltime, to appease my husband since i was going to be taking up room in our dining room area. he loves boxing - old matches more than current ones. it is hanging in our dining area. might seem like a funky place to have a boxing painting, but....our house is kinda eclectic.

we mostly have books. tons and tons of books. everyone in the family loves them. when my folks died, we inherited my dad's treasured collection. i love his time tinted brown paged ogden nash collection, for instance. i have a huge collection of my own, many novels and of course many art related books.

when i married gastone he came with a library. his library was also an assortment, sports, law, novels and books in both italian and spanish. my brother had a big library when he moved to england many years ago i inherited his too. he now lives in LA but doesn't want his old books back - i guess i could throw out his old high school algebra books, but i love some of his high school boredom scribbles in the pages; they are treasures! my daughter brooke would read two books a morning before jr. hi school, her teachers told me. but then, she has always been exceptional. i have her books from youth, sci-fi and fantasy and james herriot. my son, jamie, read huge anthologies, on many subjects - he always loves to delve deep into a subject. i still have many of those, they are bigger than phonebooks. gastone's father in italy has a massive collection himself. whenever we come home from there a few italian books also arrive with us. i only recently got rid of the children's pre-school books they coveted. i'm kinda regretting that. i figured at the time i donated them, that if we really needed to, we could always get more cat in the hat books. they won't go out of print, will they?
i will go to barnes and noble later today. why? because i just finished reading "the mermaid's chair" (same author as secret life of bees) and "water for elephants" and will want to start a new novel tonight at bedtime.
"water for elephants" i found hard to take at times as i couldn't stand reading about cruelty to animals. the mermaids chair was well written but a subject matter i didn't really care about, a woman having an affair with a monk! still. i read it. now, i am thinking of reading something by joyce carol oates next. i'm in the mood for psycho.


Anonymous said...

Continue to enjoy the work posted here,have not been artfully busy,
but feel stirrings to do so, spraing is on hold again.

Joyce Carol Oates, "We Were The McVaneys", Can't remember how to spell tht last name of the family.
I found very good.

lisa bebi said...

i bought "the gravedigger's daughter". its a bit of a dense book, should keep me busy. i also got "the time travelers wife". i heard it was good, i don't know.

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