Wednesday, March 5, 2008

steady fisted joe, the bartender

took this photo. geesha, i will see if someone else in the group has a better group photo.
about half of us are here. do we look jetlagged? drunk? both?
and how about sure handed joe? think he indulges in his own stuff?

what a beautiful day we had today of sight seeing- blue skies - a bit nippy, which is great for my menopausal internal thermostat. we walked to notre dame and caught sights along the way. rosie bought a new wool coat and scarf. we hope the wool coat will last at least 2 years.

tonight between the two master chefs in the group, namely, my husband, gastone and renee richetts we had the most wonderful meal. gastone made pasta from scratch - the sauce was to die for and fresh cheese to boot. renee made a vegetable soup from all fresh whole foods bought around the corner - it had a leek base. they bought a whole chicken that had been killed within the last few hours, plucked and cleaned. initially they were going to use her (the chicken) for soup broth, but she was so lovely, she showed up as part of our main meal with fresh rosemary. renee did the finest job roasting her. of course we had wonderful wine - although cheap in cost, wonderful grade. and the bread was wonderful french country stuff that tastes perfect and fresh from the (french, duh) bakery., also around he corner. the massive brick of french butter we bought just yesterday is nearly gone.

oh, did i only talk about food again? well, shoot.
the stroll along the seine was beautiful and peaceful today. i kept saying, gee, there just aren't that many people on the streets, so different than going to rome in the summer. ugh! i love havig paris to ourselves. it was nice just walking and looking around, then suddenly coming up upon a monument, like the eiffel tower appeared in the background from nowhere.

that was an enchanting surprise.

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