Sunday, March 2, 2008

goodbye angelic two

last night i said farewell to a painting entitled "mild bewilderment" as it sold for $1,000 at the "panache" auction at the escondido arts partnership. thank you rich folks for buying her.
i forgot to mention that earlier this month, i had to say farewell to the angelic two entitled "enchanted siblings" (above) as they went to one of my dear artist friends, laurie mika, for a nice trade of her enchanting work.

and say farewell to my family and me as we take off for pairs tomorrow - my poor broken down body and all. i'm hoping the french atmosphere will liven me up and heal some of my weary limbs and tender stomach from taking too much vicodin.

i hope i return to a surgery schedule for my knee - (god help me this is taking along time.)
while in france, i will be searching for interesting art, papers, oddities and trinkets.

see you in a few weeks.


Joy Logan said...

Have fun for me also Lisa!!! Let me know when you get back. WOW nice that your piece sold for a grand,you're deserving!

Anonymous said...

Sooo... did ya spend it in Paris already?


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