Friday, February 1, 2008

one happy guy.......!!!!

yep, me and this dude are happy tonight. not sure why he is so happy - probably his new dress, but me...well, remember i went to kaiser tonight and i was worried about an operation, (seems so long ago now...) well, i will probably have the operation one day (when they finally do the MRI, feb. 13th, we will know something), but for now, urgent care gave me a shot in the arm of dilutid or morphine. that is because i have (haaaad) lots of pain due to my torn meniscus, but that's no all.... also i have nothing between my knee cap and my joint - so that it is scrapping away with each movement, plus i still have a bakers cyst and arthritis - all in my left knee --- of course they tried to xray my right knee and i had to fight hard to get them to change their minds on that issue. but good news, nothing is septic, well a least in my knee area - somehing did smell septic in the house but i hired a housecleaner who came today. she was suppose to work all day but suddenly realized after cleaning a couple of bathrooms and the kitchen that she had a meeting to attend or somehing -maybe it was an appointment, she was saying as she dashed out of the house with my money, leaving behind a strewn mop still dripping with dirty water.... busy busy people.
so good news, tonight i got a truck load of vicodin so i will be able to teach the workshop monday to the out-of-towners.... without hauling in a rolling hospital bed aferall. well, unless i want to, just for kicks.

this morphine makes me hyper - the doctor said it should make me sleeply..... well..... hmmmm, another weird thing....

OK goodnight all.

(i think i might change the furniture around in the livingroom tonight, just to see if my husband notices in the morning). hehehehe. morphine makes me a devil too.
just kidding, i promise to rest my knee.
ayway, he would easily notice the tv missing before superbowl sunday, hardly a fun test.

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