Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a little of rosie

just for a small break from my medical woes, i thought i would refresh the blog with a couple of snaps of rosie. who took these pix? well, she did of course and i found them in the computer. she is going to kill me in the morning -- then she will go to a shrink for the entire decade of her twenties. yeah, just like her mom did. and her brother and sister -- and her uncle danny --- who is still doing shrink time.

OK so today i went to the orthopedic doctor for my hands (remember carpel tunnel syndrome that came about suddenly?) after two hours of waiting for the doctor (they said they had called my name but i was unavailable - yeah, i was getting the xrays they sent me in to get. in their xray room.)

anyway. it was determined that i have severe arthritis at the basal joints of my thumbs (worse on my left hand) - unusual for my age. (bloody hell, can't i be usual with anything medical?) which will require surgery eventually, with a recoup of 6 months. ( ok not doing that. instead, i will wear the frickin' strap-on in public, i don't care)...(er, strap-on thumb holder, that is...............still sounds weird, doesn't it?)

but after i get back from paris i will have surgery on my right hand for carpal tunnel (separate issue from the arthritis), which is a much faster recovery. i should be OK for artfest.

i get to take a break from doctor's appointments now for a week.....i promise to write about something different. i want to thank all my friends who have written to me privately about their likewise troubles. many were worrisome, but some of the stories were pretty funny. my favorite one was from a friend of mine who not only wears similar stuff to bed as me, but she also tops her sexy nighttime outfit with a knit cap to keep her head warm since her bed is positioned beneath a window. i'm doing a knitcap tonight, just to be in her league!

an update about my snowboots - last night, somehow and someway, i kicked them off in my sleep - along with the hand braces too. i must be houdini in my sleep because everything was triple velcroed on. OR, it could prove my secret theory ---- in a different lifetime, i was a stripper. named "bubbles".

OK at least i got results of an xray back - for that i was happy.
where did my MRI results go? still waiting and still hurting and still taking vicodin.
my conversation with this doctor was much like the others-----cause of my problems: age, genetics and "bad luck".

oh, and the doctor said that writing in my blog was NOT the cause of my carpal tunnel............ as my husband believes.... HA!
course, it doesn't help.

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