Monday, January 7, 2008

tina, what powers!!!!

this is a painting of tina, a childhood friend's sister...doesn't she look like a stinker... well, the truth is she has been a very nice person all her life. she would never even say "boo" to anyone. I love her hair topknot.

i think her daddy took this picture of her in their backyard. then i made a painting from the photo. guess how old she is now ---yep, you are pretty close - she is somewhere in her mid 50's. the photo of her was black and white of course. i painted this piece in sort of "dick and jane" storybook colors.

she lives in alaska now with her husband. she has two grown children, one is married and living in florida, i believe.
can you imagine growing up here in southern california then moving to freezing alaska - fairbanks alaska at that. she even owns sled dogs! I can't fathom....

my daughter brooke lived in anchorage for a couple of years while she got her big kick start into radio news. she was an anchor for the all news station up there - which was affiliated with CNN. from there she went to CNN in Atlanta (hotlanta) and anchored world news for a couple of years. then she moved back to san diego to be near me, to nurse me as i was deathly ill with acute kidney failure.... i regained health and now she is moving to LA as she is still doing CNN radio and also national public radio and going to college. she is very busy. i'm proud of her. but wahh!!! well, LA is not so far, i guess.

anyway, back to tina and the sled dogs. i hardly know what to say to tina - except you are some kinda powerful woman. So here's to you and your dogs!


Chris AKA Orpheus said...

Hi, I came across your website this evening and loved the work! - Some really interesting pieces!
I'm an Irish art student and will be beginning a mail-art project over the next couple of months. In the lead up to this I'm collecting postal addresses of those who would like to take part. You'll find all the info on my blog if your interested!

Thanks, Chris aka Orpheus

lisa bebi said...

interesting site you have.......

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