Wednesday, January 23, 2008

slice of heaven

i've got a loooong way to go, but the books are starting to come together in the bookshelf area, well at least there is a bookshelf up and some books (and stuff) in it.....

of course, i have about 8 huge boxes of books more, to sort out -and as i do, i will be rotating in the ones i like better than the ones that are already there until finally i'm exhausted and my book collection is exhausted and that will be the final account on the books --- same for paint, canvases, specialty papers, images embellishments, ribbons, markers, scissors, bits of cloth, all sorts of buttons, clasps, containers, wires beads, glues, sharpies, watercolors, tablets, string, tapes, rulers, "t" squares, heat gun, glue gun, staple gun, embossing powders, waxes, oil sticks, sponges, crayons, canvases, watercolor paper, tracing paper, ink paper, pastel paper, 20 lb. bond paper, computer paper, computer and copier and inks, sandpaper, pastels, inks, sprays, glass, mediums, collage images, paper rack, canvas rack, jewelry making supplies, projectors, light tables (more than one of each), stencils, crimping tools, saws, razor blades, pasta machine, little bakers oven for polymer clay - polymer clay and tools, encaustics and tools, cutting edges, slicer cutter, punches, colored pencils, suit case and travel supplies, drafting board, ironing board, crafting table, chairs, triangles, fluid paints, turps, paint brushes, wrapping paper, lace, brads, stickers, tags, dyes, sealing wax, gel pens, chip board, alphabet stamps, rubber stamps, spray paint, handmade stamps, postage stamps, card stock, envelopes, photo mount corners, stitches supplies, awl, etc....... i will be reciting a longer list in my sleep tonight, no doubt.

i might as well add a TV and music center and a NEW CAR!!!!! only kidding, i just got one.
but i do need vanna white to point these things out for me.

well, i am determined to get this done by .........friday, er, friday week. meanwhile the deadlines are all mounting.

i want to thank kathy for coming over today and helping me sort...again.

and "annie" (see previous posts regarding annie and her family's snapshots) popped by with persimmons, yummm, thank you sweetie pie - she's been feeling sick - feel better.

and tom, who came and took measurements for the project "garage" where we are going to be putting in a few walls and windows and canvases racks and shelves for more of lisa's studio. of course my husband doesn't know of this project because he refuses to read my blog (because he doesn't believe in blogs).

also, i need to say hello to my sweet daughter brooke who recently moved to LA and has been trying to reach me to see how i'm doing, but i haven't heard the phone ring......the new studio is like a cavern.
and my husband who has been looking for me, but can't seem to see me down the hallway as there is too much laundry between us. i think there might be others looking for me, but i wouldn't know.
gosh, the new studio could also be a refuge for criminals.
or something.

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