Monday, January 21, 2008


isn't she lovely?

i would like to be a mermaiden.
the flower embellishment is handmade using the coronado island system called "bloomers". (google: coronado island designs and stamps).
i am dreaming of becoming a mermaiden - yeah i know, i said dreaming.....jeesha.

anyway, my new years resolution is to get fit - i know i'm the first one in the world to resolve to get fit- but nevertheless - ok, my docotr told me i had to get the fat off. there.

anyway, my sport is, er, was swimming. and running. only running caused me to irritate my knee - er, bursitis.
anyway, enough about me.......

well, one more thing.....i'm still working on the studio project.


Bloatus said...

Well done buddy!! Keep up the good work!! We're all with you!!

lisa bebi said...

thanks bloatus maximus -- i just need to keep on keeping are you doing?

Joy Logan said...

WOW another fabulous piece!

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