Wednesday, January 30, 2008

goodbye "mild bewilderment"

it's time to say goodbye to this tentitive lady with confidence (she's from a Kotex ad) as she will be donated to Panche at the Escondido Arts Partnership for charity for the arts. She will be up for live auction.

I named this 30" x 40" piece "mild bewilderment" because she obviously braved alone a tour of an art museum, proudly participating in high society with the kind of confidence only a kotex pad can give.

Someone asked me if i was planning on going to Panache this year since it is so very close in time to my big Paris trip. well, yes, I love Panache, i am addicted to the live auction, is so exciting. i love watching people excitedly bid over my art. it is a huge rush. the last 2 years, my pieces have been reserved for the last of the evening to promote extra excitement. there is always a buzz about them. last, last year, my art went for over retail and last year it went for double retail.

the first time i watched people bid live on my art, i couldn't take the anticipation and got very drunk. i was afraid no one would bid. but i was wrong. the bidding was hot and heavy for quite a long time. i really had wished i stayed sober for it -fortunately my responsible husband who had to drive that night was able to fill me in on the details. his eyes were nearly bugged out as he didn't know either that my art would be such a hit.

aw, it feels so good. i hope i see you there. cheers.

"Panache 2008 Annual Auction"
March 1, 2008:5-8:30pm
Escondido Arts Partnership


Joy Logan said...

No wonder your art gets rave reviews it's amazing. You probably felt extra drunk from the sheer excitement of that many up and cheering on your art! I get a roller coaster effect since I don't sell as often,way excited then way down thinking I will never do another as good,lol.

lisa bebi said...

yep - i used to have the big roller coaster ride, but not anymore, now i feel pretty secure and confident that what i put out will sell.
i can't tell you how good that feels.

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