Thursday, January 10, 2008

back step counsel

where does a boy learn to be a man....?

Or, where does a man learn about childhood? This is a piece i made from another black and white snapshot of "annie's" (see previous posts....) this time it is of her husband's dad and grandpa. Little did junior here know he would later marry the pure and virginal bernice. (see pervious posts)
boy, see what a great lot of paintings come from just one person's family album? i made tons more.....
how about your family? what's in your closet? or wallet?


Ted said...

I have a bunch of old family pics that I found when my folks passed away in 2006. As I have copies of most of them I would be happy to give those to you. I will sort through them in the next week or two and when I have them all together I'll let you know and you can tell me where to drop them off.

Anonymous said...

so where is this annie you keep talking about? did i miss her in an earlier post?

lisa bebi said...

no, you didn't miss her in an earlier post --- her picture is coming up soon. annie is my BFF - and i mean FOREVER. we became friends in first grade and she has been bossing me around ever since....
OK, OK, sorry annie - you don't really boss me - at least anymore.....i have kathy for that!!! (OK sorry kathy)
god didn't give me a sister and so i got annie.
she is pure sweetie cakes - we grew up together and she is just a dear, dear person to me.
not in a passionate way - you freaks---- in a best friend that has endured a long lifetime way!
i'm sorry you don't have a friend like that - hardly anyone does, you know.

lisa bebi said...

ted, i would so LOVE to have copies of those photos - what a fun time i will have with them -- are you in any of them???? i could be dangerous - just warning you.

Ted said...

Lisa, these pics run the gamut from my relatives in texas to me playing in the neighbors pool when I was about 9. You are welcome to all of them and I WOULD NEVER put conditions on creativity. I'm excited to think of the possibilities!! hahahaha!

lisa bebi said...

you aor anyone may send your snapshot copies to me at my mail box:

lisa bebi art
8030 La Mesa Blvd., Suite 259
La Mesa, CA 91941

thanks ted - and anyone else who doesn't mind me using there images to paint and show to the world.

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