Saturday, December 8, 2007

studio reception

(the "Q" stands for "queenie" a nickname my mother gave me - see previous post about 2 month ago).

well, i tried to stay sober for you....(see yesterday's post) -*hic* -

ah, people who know me know i don't drink as much as i make out. i just think it is funny. I think a few fussy art association old ladies quit reading my blog because of all my talk about drinking. to me, thats even funnier. where did they all grow up, anyway, in a southern baptist church? i didn't see any of them hangin' around the barn.
tonight's reception, like most affairs where i feel a little put on the spot, i do tend to gulp down the wine too fast on an empty stomach. and, i don't eat, cuz i worry about crumb trails on my face and down my shirt.
or something nasty getting stuck in my teeth-- then i begin to suck on my teeth like a common hick "in case" there might be something nasty stuck there. i never know for sure, so the sucking continues for the duration of the reception.

of course, i could look in the mirror to see if there actually IS something in my teeth; except i still can't stop questioning whether or not something nasty crept back in - so i take no real comfort seeing that i have nothing to worry about.

AND, i have seen myself in the mirror with that look - the "sucking in on my teeth" look....... it is damn ugly.
so i don't know what is worse, the nasty thing in the teeth or the sucking face.

i guess i could have both. will it ever end? - see what i mean, i am better off drinking!

ALLLLLRIGHTY THEN. (sorry about that bit of derangement)

well, wine and all, i had a great time tonight. the rain kept the throngs away -but SOME REALLY COOL PEOPLE braved their way over (up) to the studio and said hello.
nearly everyone who came in bought a painting- 5 sold, and someone is "thinking" about one more. it was a holiday special - which i never do, offering the paintings at about 1/2 price. i know and they know that my paintings are a good investment as my work is growing stronger in the market everyday.

BUT, what i know and no one else knows (except my publishers) is that my work and i are going to be main features in 3 major publication (international) in the coming year. the work for them is finished, approved and "put to bed" - a done deal-they will start to be distributed (at B&N, et al) around april 2008 - just about the time i come back from the paris, france workshop. SO now you know what i know.
so good for you, collectors, for being smart and buying now-----
THANK YOU for coming out tonight in the horrible rain to the studio that was like a refrigerator..... i hope you all enjoy your pieces forever and have a wonderful christmas.

and now, time for a nightcap!

OK, RELAX granny, you old, (f)art association lady, have a nightcap yourself and chill. (nightcap, honey, not nightCRAP - that you do just fine, i'm sure.) jeesha.


C~ said...

Hey L, as one of those that "braved" the rain to come see your art... and as one of the "smart" ones who bought that night... you're right. The time to collect Bebi is now! You'll have to let us know when the articles are released. Probably before you are, I imagine? hehe

BTW, need the background and awards list on mine ~ Vaguely Traditional (The House of Max Mixed). Thanks again for the good deal!

Rich n' Single

ps: thanks so much for the invite to demo at Foothills Art Association. I had a great time showing off and enjoyed the crowd... even when they groaned at my jokes.

lisa bebi said...

hey rich and single: you are awesome! thanks for making the party a part-tee!

Joy Logan said...

Cheers a nightcap all around! Love my eve drinks also,wine is good for us don't forget!

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