Tuesday, December 11, 2007

sitting for finals

ugh! this time of year gives me nightmares. it's FINALS time! - even though i graduated from college in 1977! my nightmares are about the same every time....i go to the first day of class only to find that the class has been in full operation without me for a semester and today is the final! i look around the room in a cold sweat - everyone is prepared but me. i feel trapped i can't walk out, i need these units to graduate - but i am sure i will flunk - and come to think of it, i don't even know what the subject is.
i then think maybe i will be lucky and color in all the bubbles on the test sheet with the right answers.......hmmmm, i have never been lucky with that before, i doubt it will work this time.

i go to the front of the class to get my test sheet (i was late for class and everyone else has theirs already) only to discover i have no clothes on!

yeah, yeah i could probably analyse what this dream means...i know, (Eeyore's voice: i am never prepared in real life and i'm always late (bowing my head in shame)...

and i have a secret desire to run around nude. oh god, not really, ewww. i'm sorry if i gave you a visual. ewww. grossed myself out.

ANYWAY, this is a art piece i did in honor of my daughter Brooke who is taking finals NOW and has gone to class all semester----with her clothes on. she will probably get straight "A"s. She also, writes and reports for about 5 news radio stations and newspapers, runs about 10 miles a day, reads every novel known to man, is learning to speak Spanish fluently, looks after "gracie" the boy dog, and loves carlos. Oh, yes, and now she has one more thing on her plate---- she has a stalker!

some guy through radio news has written her a letter in the language of "twisted crazy" and somehow believes if only brooke didn't have carlos, they would be lovers.....uhm, AND, this is some old geyser of 70....i feel like running over to bakersfield where he lives in a trailer (probably) and giving him some shoe action. or maybe batting practice. he can meet my five sisters, if you know what i mean. (er, that means my fist of five fingers).

brooke and i have always been prone to attracting stalkers....well, me not anymore, but until i was about 40, i always had weird gropey men problems. i'm not sure why we attract them - we are "stalker magnets" and of course we hate it. that is probably a little more than half the reason my husband and her boyfriend, both, look like bouncers. and the mafia connections helps too.

so damn. what a stupid interference to have in your life...ya know? she doesn't have time for this bull-oney.

so anyway, brookie darling, don't let that bad man bother you - go ahead and ace your exams, mommie will take care of that awful shithead loser of an asshole who is a malicious, deranged, swiney, greasy, grubby old git.

goodnight honey. sweet dreams not dreams about your exams and no clothes

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