Friday, December 21, 2007

polymer clay class

in january i will be teaching this 2 hour class on polymer clay - jewelry making - for those interested-,
at the stamp addict on el cajon blvd. san diego.....i don't remember the date, or the price off hand (not too much) or phone number for that matter. and i think the number of people that they can have in the class goes by weight -i.e., if you are a big butted person, you will have the advantage of bull-elephanting off a few smaller people from your table. i think between 12 to 15 elephants can fit into the classroom--me included.

i trust if you really want to take the class you will find these things out yourself (i mean about the class, not whether or not you qualify as an elephant - i personally, don't care how big you are) or email later in the week.

i will know then because kathy olsen will remind me.

hey, kathy, thank you for my birthday lunch and presents yesterday, as usual, i had a blast!

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