Thursday, December 6, 2007

paris workshop

just another view of the
that we artists will share for a week. don't worry it is not communal living, each floor has its own bedrooms/ bathroom.
we have just two rooms with queen sized beds left. so we could have two more couples/close friends.

the flights will be cheaper because it is in march, 2008..... for one week including room and half board and kitchen use, shopping with an amercian who speaks french, two full days of workshops, one day with renee small metal working (bookmaking or altar making) and one day with me collage and painting (small) - materials supplied. also, a side trip to galleries for only $1,100. nothing is cheaper.
anyone is welcome, well, except criminals. we can't deal with criminals. or bitchy people - i don't like bitchy people very much. ......or too bossy - they can kill a good time.
OK only nice, fun loving people who would like to do MY art and shop and drink wine --- lots of wine... are welcome. your art ability isn't important - the wine takes care of that. if you don't drink, then you are a party pooper, but you can still come. i hope you like to eat good food.
well, i'm excited!

if you are interested, email me
we will start booking right after xmas. so ask for workshop money - ask for euros! for xmas.

other option: you could stay at a different hotel and just hang with us. - both workshops, plus extra work time is only $200 total.

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