Tuesday, December 4, 2007

merry chris- fish

its time to think about sending out xmas cards....a few years ago, this was my xmas card - the christmas fish - or merry chris-fish.

i thought it was funny.....i don't know who, if anyone, else did.

i am relieved that one of my friends (let's call her "mary") who underwent an angiogram today came through with flying colors. she will still have a few more tests, but i think the idea of this particular test frightened her the most.

so, exhale, "mary".

that part is over and now the doctors have a much better understanding of why you had a (minor) heartattack a few months ago.

AND atta girl. you will be back to swimming like a merry chris-fish soon. and i promise to join you.

OK..... back to painting up some fish.
oh, and by the way, i cooked dinner tonight....my family survived it. i made tacos - very easy - at least i use ground sirloin instead of ...well, i don't know what.

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