Tuesday, November 27, 2007

studio house

i am in the market for a new studio. my beloved escondido studio has been bought out from joan by the city for the expansion of the hospital by way of eminent domain as only a government may and can do.
so, damn! now i will need a new studio space come january.
today i found a house for sale in my area (la mesa, just off the 94) that could easily offer studio workspace for 5 artist, but up to 8. there is a nice area for a show room and classroom space and a large front porch to show off work during the day (weekends). so your chances of selling your work increases dramatically. it was previously owned by a woodworker, so the interior is very artsy and cool.
sooo, i am wondering if any of you out there are serious about renting studio space from me. i have heard from you , but do you want to put your money where your mouth is? you may email me at lisabebiart@aol.com.
each space will rent for $400. a month or cheaper if the artist is willing to sign a year lease. if you are on the fence about getting an art studio for yourself. i can tell you this: a studio makes your more focused and you become more productive. sharing with other artists is very enriching--- beyond any classroom or art association experience.
my experience has been wonderful. during showtimes, we each find that it is easier to sell each others rather than our own work. we each grow together to make a mighty force. as far as i know, there is no real art community in the east county like this. i am thinking in terms of an art coop. there sure is a need.

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