Tuesday, November 20, 2007

spleen update

(this is not a picture of me)

awhile back i had a cat scan of my spleen - as you know i say "pimp my spleen" to doctors---- especially those who cryptically tell me on a friday, before a long weekend,... "your spleen feels enlarged" (read with deep, but dull voice)just so i could worry myself sick all weekend. so i say, if you are looking to do something with my spleen, why not pimp it?!!!!! go on, make yourself useful.

anyway, i thought i would share the good news!!!!! the report came back--- not only did the report say that there was nothing wrong with my spleen - it emphasised it by saying "Lisa Bebi's spleen was found to be 'grossly unremarkable'."

do those two words even go together?
doctors are driving me crazy!!!!
well, except "Dr. Hot" - who blushes everytime i call him that. so cute, i wanna pinch his cheeks.
you know what i mean - you dirty minded thing.

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