Thursday, November 15, 2007

slip and fall

just when i was celebrating being done with my big project....i did a big slip on the kitchen floor - i was taking in the dinner plates....i was barefoot, i twisted my toes underneath me and i ended up flat on my back with one crouton resting safely on my chest. i'm sure it was a funny sight. at least i laughed. my family ran to my side and looked down on me with a troubled expression asking if i was OK. i didn't know how i suddenly ended up with my family viewing me instead of the beloved TV. it was just so quick. I told them i was OK but my toes hurt. Rosie didn't say anything, but got some ice and a towel, insisted i sit with her as she cooled my foot. Gastone just looked shell shocked, but then he went back to watching TV.
i was still laughing, but somehow, i think that worried them more.

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