Sunday, November 4, 2007

ponte vecchio

this is the ponte (bridge) where my husband's lover (see previous post entitled, "my husband's lover") refused to take us (by car or gps) that day in florence. this pic was taken by rosamaria, my daughter, age 12 (as were most photo's) while we were walking along the ponte vecchio which is a bridge full of gems and jewels, it is eyewonderful. this was taken about 7 p.m.

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Toni T. said...

Lisa, so glad to hear that the eyesight issue is not as severe as I was envisioning. Keep me up to date on what the doctors say.

Thanks for the kind words- I think things went very smoothly even though time was an issue. Just one glitch- the facilities person who was to come and hang didn't show. Because of the fires the staff was busy with minor problems at various libraries. We were forunate have a locked cabinet provided for us long with scads of cardboard. All of the art work is under lock and key and safe. Awaiting word when facilities can come and hang- hope it's soon! After expenses we made almost $500!!
Ed is a wonderful man- knew you would like him.
Let's get together this week sometime. Let me know what workds for you. Take care and don't overdo! Toni

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