Sunday, November 25, 2007

party's over

its always a bit of a downer when your friends go home after a fun birthday party like today's. rosie had a wonderful, very entertaining houseful of girls over for fun and games to help her celebrate turning 13. the pool was heated to a toastie brew that left the girls bobbing around like dumplings. then, there were all sorts of traditional party games (pin the tail on the donkey), crafts (puppet making) and (penguin painting), and board games (last word)...then made up games like, lets see how many balloons we can sit on until they burst, lets draw a continuous sidewalk chalk line, 1 mile up the hill, and lets see who can design the best garbage bag dress---that was after the garabage bag race.
of course there was the gift showering, cake and ice cream eating.......loud CD music thorughout.
as for my husband and me - we took refuge in the upstairs room. we could hear them just fine.
so, now she sleeps and our bill for heating of the pool will soon enough come.

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