Wednesday, November 14, 2007

max gets second place!!!

tonight was awards night for the east county art
membership show. my painting of my dad, entitled "Max's Straw Hat" received 2nd place.
the show is at rancho san diego public library and will show until the end of the month.

other news: this month, i have a show on now at Bard Hall, at the First Universalist Unitarian Church in Hillcrest. you are all invited to show up at 6:30 p.m. ,Tuesday, November 20 and partake in my expensive wine and cheese and other fun foods. i will be showing with chuck of macstudios and he will have even more expensive wine than me to share (because he is rich!...and single)! after all that drinking, i will then expect you to all REALLY enjoy viewing our art. a price list is/will be discreetly placed in a folder near my art.

for you cheapwads...i will be selling my art cheap at san diego art institute's c-note sale along with other great artists from the community. my work will be sold at 1/2 MY price and then as a fundraiser institute receives 50% of the sale price. the artists then only get 1/4 of the price of their work....but, you know, thats just one way we give back to the community. that and scoring up a few chestnuts for xmas on the prado. check out for details, i think the sale begins next week.

AND, for you cheapwads who like my newer work. i will be having a studio art sale the second saturday in december from 5:30pm- 8:30 p.m. along with joan irving's glass and renee richetts bookart. we are having the sale in light of the holidays, for our best collectors...... and also the fact that we are moving studio shortly (2 weeks) after that and don't want to take it all with us!
the studio is in escondido
541 e.valley parkway
(619) 916-9040 is my cell number if you would like me to hold on to your favorite piece before the sale!

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