Tuesday, October 16, 2007

umbrian workshop

i think i have settled on the place now for next years workshop. it is a peace of heaven just outside of gubbio. it is a moderized farmhouse and small chapel, in a tranquil quiet spot, where God loves to be. He told me so.

there will be internet service.
each room has a kitchen. but food will be served there for the artists. the large workshop space overlooks a quiet valley of farm land. the air is clean. there is a swimming pool that's modern, tgennis court and soccer field....not that we need these things... there is an olive grove and vineyard nearby.

the weather here has been warm, it is 6:40 p.m. and i am in my short sleeves.
gubbio the medieval towen is only 8 minutes away - lots of shopping and interesting art to look at.

the end of october is a truffle faire-not chocolate, but an earthy root that is so flavorful -a delicacy. umbria is not far from tuscany but more beautiful and less tourists. we went to cortona today. cortona is beautiful too but it was full of americans doing art tours. cortona is used to the american tourists and most the shops trade upon them. gubbio is still pure.
ok gotta go.
BTW, the GPS system is still broken.
no! i didn't do it!

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