Saturday, October 20, 2007

my brookie-poo

that was great storytelling that brooke composed, but i need to make a couple of corrections, er, ok, comments...
first of all, she used the words "practically married" to describe her relationship with , let's just call him "carlos". i don't know why they don't get married already...they are two people who are very tightly bound to one another and STILL claim to be "committment phobes". i'm not buying it. and neither is anyone else that knows them. i love my "near son-in-law" and i think he is a perfect fit for brookie. i have not met his Mexican mother, but can't wait.

now for correcting other details of her post.

i thought i asked that cute boyfriend of brooke's if he was sure he wasn't a family member because he at one time lived very near my cousin. maybe he was related and thats why he took off. next, when I showed the picture of me in my bikini at dinner time, I did that because I was sure he was interested in knowing just how foxy i was, and the final guy was gay.

she didn't mention some of the beauts she brought home. she went through as phase of talking to anyone on "chatboards" on the internet. occassionally they would show up at the door. One guy that showed up had piercings. he had piercings all over his head, plus he showed me his nipples that were pierced. Brooke indicated that she heard that he also had his private parts pierced. I asked to see it . . . but he left.

once Brooke was talking over the internet with this boy who she was very fond of at the time, she was only about 12. Anyway, they set up a play date and so I was forced to drive to this 12-year-old boy's home. As we pulled up, the kid was waiting out front, I had a bad feeling all along. Anyway, I asked brooke at that time if she had seen him before, and of course the answer was "no", she was kind she tried to keep a straight face, but as I dropped her off and started to drive away, she clung onto the window as I drove away. I guess she wasn't attracted to a boy who was a fat butter ball with orange hair and freckles. Clearly she was his type, I returned in an hour and she was waiting in the front, with a pale look on her face. she couldn't get away fast enough. she was horrified. I guess that was the end of blind dates for her. So I guess the moral of this sad humiliation is "live and learn".

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