Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jewel of the Hills

this painting is all acrylic and is also large, 36" x 48" and it is for sale!!! it is $750. if you are interested in it, you may email me. it is an older painting of mine done in 2004. it is called "Jewel of the Hills" because that is the slogan of the city i live in (

finally today the heat wave lifted - it was a beautiful 76 degrees, 30 degrees milder than yesterday. unbelievable to have such a change in weather. for people like me with a short attention span, its hard to figure out why i feel so tired. oh yeah, i wasn't able to sleep for days in the heat. Duh!

soooo, what to do on such a beautiful day - a respite? NooooOo, today i spent the day digging out the house like a mad woman..... it is the guest bedroom in preparation for the British invasion. my British relatives are coming on the 15Th.

actually, my relationship to these Britons is confusing and complicated. the two women who are coming (let's just call them "Rhona" and "Katie") are sisters.
first, my brother was married to Rhona but divorced without children in 1988 (about). so Rhona was my sister-in-law. But while my brother was married to her, i married Rhona and Kaye's Uncle Gerald! Which made Rhona and Katie both my nieces, since Gerald was their mother's brother. Gerald and i had a baby boy "Jamie"- who is Rhona and Katie's second cousin, er, i think, or, i suppose he could be a great nephew, if there is such a thing.
meanwhile, my brother divorced Rhona, leaving my relationship to her as only my niece. BUT THEN, my beloved Gerald died...leaving Jamie still related to them, but my relationship to them became murky...especially when i re-married to Gastone who is not related to any Brits at all.

So i call them my sister-in-laws because they are my age --- i can't see calling them my nieces. although they love that.
i have introduced them just as my "friends", but that doesn't seem right either.

oh well. i love them both and can't wait to see them. meanwhile i have been clearing things out of the house. i can't believe the treasures i am finding. and as always, finding treasures makes me want to sit down and create - BUT there is no time for that now. i only hope i can remember where i put these things when i have time to create again. chances are very much against me remembering, though...since i can't even remember this deadly heat wave that i had been bitching about for days on end.

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