Tuesday, September 25, 2007

hate getting old.....

this is a collage of my friend/ studio buddy, joan irving's grandparents. i believe they lived in upper new york. i love the trees and the picket fence.
i think it might have been simplier to be old then.
today i had to get a cat scan of my pesky spleen. it sure got pimped up - yeah pimped up with 6 pints of barium....my god, the first gulp made me want to heave...just awful - and to make matters worse, i had to drink these pints within 45 minutes - but the trick is, you can't just throw it to the back of your throat, er down it, fast like that or you will upset your stomach...but rinking it slowing was pure misery. all i can say is....yuck! ugh! its like vanilla flavored pepto bismal......ugh.ugh.ugh.blahhhh!
anyway, it was over within a half hour. thats good now to wait for the results. if they are bad, i'm not posting it. anyway, i will be in italy during the time they come out. i don't want to know --- because i am a big wuss.

anyway, this piece is in the joan irving collection one of the her sibs have it, i think.

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