Tuesday, September 11, 2007

archie moore

every once in awhile i paint something for my husband who loves heavy weight boxing. this is one is of Archie Moore, 12" x 16" acrylic, not for sale.

Archie Moore lived here in San Diego and knew my dad. Archie had a boxing glove shaped swimming pool which was awesome. my dad was a local newspaperman and also was president of SD sportswriters/sportscasters for a few years running, archie would drop by my dad's shop every once in a while.....

when i was a teenager, my dad would take me to the fights at the Colosseum in San Diego. i remember being ringside during a Jack O'hallern fight and getting splattered with blood and sweat. i thought it was cool - only a bit smelly. in those days there was smoking allowed ringside, cigars, cigarettes....it was dark and smokey and i am sure i was the only girl (well, decent girl)there. i remember looking across the ring and seeing the weirdly delighted, excited faces of the men watching the fight - it was strange to me. i mean, in San Diego, we have the old globe, Cassius carter stage theater, my dad had taken me to many times and i could see the faces of the audience there - they never looked like the faces at the boxing ring. it is just an entirely different culture.

today my father is gone, there is no more colosseum in san diego, and no more archie moore - the "ageless" fighter. (heavy sigh)
oh boy, thinking about this makes me miss my dad. love you papa - wherever you may be. i better go to bed now before i make myself cry.


J'Marie said...

Dear Lisa,
This is a wonderful post you wrote about your Dad, boxing and Archie Moore (my Dad)... I miss him too, but thank you for remembering them both!
Warm Regards,
J'Marie Moore
You are a brilliant artist!

lisa bebi said...

would you like this painting of him?

i would be happy to give it to you.
lisa bebi

lisa bebi said...

i looked for your email address but couldn't find it....anyway, if you are interested, my email address is lisabebiart@aol.com.

loved your dad - who didn't.
do you still have the awsome swimming pool?

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