Friday, August 10, 2007

school shopping

i had a nervous breakdown today trying to get shopping done for my daughter's back-to-school stuff. she goes back wednesday. rosie was OK shopping, it wasn't her. at least she knows what she likes and doesn't like----- i totally appreciate that. but the mob scene was awful. i hate too many people. and i really hate too many people with strollers. i know it isn't PC to say that, but come on. why are so many mothers dragging their crying babies out shopping. it is clear to me that the babies would rather be sucking a bottle in the privacy of their own cribs. i bet some of these babies don't even know what their cribs are like during daylight hours. they only know strollers, highchairs and car seats. today the last straw was while we were shopping in a Vans store for tennies. these 2 fat butted, mixed gender women in skin tight wife beater shirts (double layered)smelling to high heaven of mcdonald's fries with tattooed arms of some gang's name, hemmed me into a corner while they were bending over (so gross) trying to put size zero-to-fat Vans on their babies meatloaf feet. i panicked. their babies had catsup smears for mouths. here they are looking at Vans ($$$) baby shoes for these fattie-cakes that didn't even walk yet. rosie found some very cute vans, but i couldn't breath, i was trapped with big mommas and babies. fortunately rosie saw my distress and made a quick decision to buy a colorful pair. she distracted the mob scene by sending the shop boy their way to help them. i quickly slipped down a side aisle to the register. we got out OK, but it was too late for me, i was having a huge panic-infused hot flash.
now that i am home, i guess it could have been worse. there could have also been someone who is totally fit in a power driven wheelchair who disrespects thoroughfare foot traffic. that always pisses me off too.
oh well, maybe i'm just cranky.....and i haven't bought my arch support yet. (see previous post "oh, my poor feet").

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