Tuesday, August 14, 2007

say "ahhhhh"...

turns out the other primary care doctor was a woman...so doesn't matter if she is hot or not- at least not to me....i am staying loyal anyway to MY primary care doctor who is hot. i sure hope he doesn't read blogs... (see previous post and post "oh, my poor feet")
i really hope gastone doesn't read it either --- but, i guess, that wouldn't matter anyway because i blab it all....oh well.
so i have "an infection brewing in the folds of my larynx cords". i told this diagnosis to brooke, my oldest who stared wide-eyed at me, curled up her nose and said , "wow, momma, THAT is really gross."

i said, "well at least i'm still young enough to have folds in my larynx cords....." i can't help where an infection forms....afterall....

so, that was the end of our conversation...she couldn't take it. she was totally grossed out. (that was easy) she continued to stare though. without blinking..and then turned back to her work. (she was writing a news story on her laptop at my house today)....sometimes she comes over to write.
....cuz its quiet here......blah, hahahahahahahahaha
hahaha i win!

you see, my kids have shocked me enough in their lifetimes...so once in a while i get them back.
cough, cough, choke, hack, spit....smile! oh by the way - i'm on anitbiotics now - no more self-help zicam or other drugs that make me ill (see previous post).


Clair said...

That grossed out Brooke? Are you sure this is the real Brooke? Or did an alien replace her with a slightly irregular clone?

lisa bebi said...
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lisa bebi said...

yeah that was our brookie....she gets grossed out about those things and her MOM. thats why i have an advantage...
and thats why it is soooo funny...to see her stopped in her tracks and speechless.... i swear it really happened that way!

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